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All Members From All The Swing Clubs Together for The Wildest Boating Sandbar Party Ever!

swinger, sex, boat, yacht, party, Florida, boat party, naked regatta, raft up, raft-up, orgy, adult, boat club, swingers boats, swinger parties, FL, Fla, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Ft LaudAttention All Captains:  Below is some VERY important information that ALL captains of ALL boats must be familiar with so you know what your responsibilities are and so that you are best prepared and you have the most fun.

These parties are lots of fun, but they do require proper organization to make it the success that it is, so please be sure to read all the information below.

You can also find more valuable information & details by Clicking Here.

Important Information:
  1. Join The Party For FREE:  The party is Totally Free to all of those first-timers with boats  that follow these posting steps shown below for making your reservations and posting to help spread the word.  For those that don't follow these posting steps, then click here to see your requested donations.  Price For Party
  2. CHECKLIST:  You must come prepared
    1. Bow Anchor with anchor line at least 150' long.
    2. All boats over 30' must have a stern line 100' long with anchor.
    3. Enough lines to tie your boat securely to the boats next to you.
    4. Enough good quality fenders to protect the boats you're rafted next to.
    5. Liability Waivers - Keep reading for details below.
  3. Wristbands Needed By Everyone:  This is a private party by invitation only and everyone attending MUST be wearing their wristband given to them when they first arrive.  ONLY those that complete, sign and deliver the liability release waiver with their donation upon rafting up, will be given a wristband.  All others will be turned away.  For complete details, be sure to Read This PageExtremely Important
  4. Attendance Confirmations:  Everyone must confirm their attendance by Registering on the Bulletin Board and posting your Reservation Confirmation. This is VERY Important for a number of reasons.  First, posting your reservation helps us to spread the word and promote these events, but equally as important, sometimes we have last minute changes that we need to notify you about.  Sometimes we go to a location that has a small beach that will only fit about a dozen boats, so if we have 50 boats attending, then we plan for a location that will accommodate everyone that wants to attend.  Single guys must also tell us exactly how many people will be on your boat and each one of them must send a photo and each one must be individually invited for attendance.  If a single sailor is invited and shows up with a boat load of single guys, he will be turned away and removed from our regatta party invitation list.  Single Sailors must read this.
  5. All boats over 30' PLEASE be sure to bring a long stern line and anchor for ALL regattas so we can always be sure we've got plenty of lines to keep us safely in place during the night through out these unpredictable weather times just in case the weather kicks up.
  6. Arrival Times:  Click Here for Complete Raft Up Order & Details. Registered boaters with swim platforms that are spending the night that posted their Reservation for the regatta on the Bulletin Board are welcome to arrive as early as they like.
  8. When rafting up, we request that you arrive within your raft up time.  You can arrive later if you want to, but as you will read, you might not be able to raft up with the group and will have to anchor nearby and swim or dingy over to our party.  (Click Here for Complete Raft Up Details). Or if you can raft up with us, you will be on the end rafting up to the boats without swim platforms which will make it a "climbing effort" every time you want to visit all the other boaters. (When we are meeting at Haulover Marina to cruise as a group to our location, then we leave exactly at the designated time so don't be late or you'll be left behind, or you can simply cruise on your own and meet us at our destination).
  9. Last Minute Notices:  Go to this page the morning of the regatta before heading out in your boat.  This is where you will find any last minute changes, or special notices that you will need to know.  Just in case the weather or any other unforeseen circumstances has caused us to make a destination change, we wouldn't want you going to the wrong location and not be able to find us.  So please always be sure to check here the morning of the regatta for any special last minute notices.
  10. Raft Up Order:  One of the most important things that make our regatta events so successful, is the social environment that we create.  Look at these pictures and you'll see what we mean.  To create this social environment, it is of utmost importance to have all dive/swim platforms lined up right next to each other so that it's easy for everyone to stroll along a loooooong row of boats tightly tied together.  This creates a VERY social atmosphere for everyone to easily visit each other visiting boat to boat and making new sexy friends.  If you don't want to have your dive platform lined up with the boats you're rafted up with, that's no problem at all, you will be put on the farthest outside boat after 2:00 with the sailboats and other boats that don't have swim/dive platforms so that you don't create a break in the middle of all the joining platforms.  For complete Rafting Up details, you must read and be familiar with this page.
  11. Arrive With Fenders Down & Lines Ready & Liability Waivers Signed:  Have your boat prepared and ready before you make your approach to the raft up.  Have at least two or three fenders tied to both sides of your boat so you'll be ready to raft up on either side, and the other side of your boat will then be ready for the next arriving boat to raft up to you.  Have your bow and stern lines tied securely and ready to throw to those helping you on the boat you're rafting up to.
  12. VHF Radio Channel 72:  Please be sure to call us on channel 72.  Just ask for "the Barbie Party" and tell us your registered Bella Vita name and we'll tell you which end of the raft up you'll be tying to.
  13. Don't "CRASH" The Party:  Go VERY slow when approaching.  You're not in a hurry, so take your time being extra careful not to crash into any boats.  Use the "bumping" technique, (no NOT "bumping into boats" but using "intermittent throttle".  Put your boat in gear for just a second.  As soon as you feel the "bump" then take it out of gear again.  That helps you gently ease into position without having to go at full idle speed.  If you need to stop and start all over again and make a new approach in order to be safe and not risk damage to the boat you're rafting up with, then that's okay... whatever it takes for you to come in smoothly and slowly for a safe landing.
  14. Boats Without Dive/Swim Platforms:  Not everyone has a swim platform on the back of their boat (many large yachts, sport fishing boats and almost all sailboats don't have them) and that's okay, we still want you to join us, you will be rafted up to the farthest outside boat (after 12:00 if you're staying overnight, and after 1:00 if you're just here for the day), when all the other boats with swim platforms have already arrived and have already rafted up.  Click Here for Complete Raft Up Details.
  15. Big Yachts & Small Boats:  We ask that everyone arrive within two hours of the regatta's starting time so that we can more effectively coordinate the raft up.  (Some Early Birds & Eager Beavers even like to arrive the night before on Friday to get the party started early) We like to raft boats of similar size together, gradually working our way from large yachts (with big anchors) in the middle stepping down to smaller boats on each side.  This order changes of course if you don't have a swim platform and then you will be placed as the end boat of the raft-up.  Small day-boats, run-a-bouts, wave-runners, jet skis, kayaks, canoes and sunfish sailboats are all welcome and they are simply tied to the back of the already anchored boats as shown in this early Sunday morning photo.
  16. Early Leavers:  If you don't plan on staying until at least Sunday afternoon, then let us know so we can put you on the outside of the raft up so when you decide to leave it's easy for you to simply untie and drive away, without causing a lot of reorganizing of the boats to fill in your missing space.  Nobody has to stay for the entire raft up even if you are tied up in the middle of all the boats.  We know that things happen, so if for any reason you want or need to leave the party before all the other boats are breaking up on Sunday, then we are always happy to untie you and help carefully slide you out from between the two boats you're rafted with.  But if you know ahead of time that you will definitely be leaving early, then please let us know so we can better coordinate where to place you in the raft up.
  17. Don't Forget To Bring:  Don't be a "Gooch The Mooch" .  Bring your own lines, fenders and anchors.   I know this sounds very basic but you'd be surprised at how many people arrive with no anchor and expect to raft up with everyone planning on them holding their boat.  Some have even arrived with no lines to tie up into the raft with, and the worst is when someone doesn't bring their own fenders.  Remember that if you don't care if your boat gets banged up, the person you want to raft up with most likely does care about their boat so everyone is required to bring nice big fenders that are substantial enough to protect the boat they are rafted to.  Bring an anchor that is substantial enough to hold your boat and bring your own lines to tie up with.
  18. 15.    We Like It Tight:  When rafting up and lining up the dive/swim platforms, (Like in all the photos on this page) it is very important to tie your boat VERY tight with the boat next to you.  This does a few things for you.  It prevents the boats from bouncing around so you have a much more stable boat, making cooking, eating, sleeping and everything else much easier.  It makes it much safer when walking from your boat to the other boats on each side of you because there is much less movement between boats.  It greatly reduces the chance of damage from banging your boat against your adjoining boats.  So hang your fenders, line up your swim platform with your adjoining boat's platform, then tie your boat with your adjoining boat as tightly and securely together as you can, squishing the fenders between your boat and the one you're rafting up against, and enjoy your safe, stable secure party place.
  19. 16.    Food & Drinks:  Bring enough food, drinks and all the provisions you need for everyone on your boat.  Everyone usually shares food and drinks and hosts cocktail parties and happy hours on their boats and it's a lot of fun, but the rule of thumb is to be sure you've got enough for everyone on your boat so that none of your guests go hungry.
  20. Single Sailors:  Single guys don't forget to Click Here and Read This Page and all it's links Completely.  Please remember that saying, "I didn't know I was supposed to read anything" or "I didn't see that page" is no excuse.  You will not be allowed in the raft up until you've emailed us confirmation that you've read these pages and links and that you agree to follow all the rules and have sent us photos of yourself.  And if you show up without confirmation, then you will be turned away.  Sorry, that's the rules so please follow them.
  21. Bulletin Board Registration & Reservation ConfirmationsEVERYONE is required to Register on the Bulletin Board and post their Reservation Confirmation.  You can also post if you want to find a sexy shipmate to join you on your boat, OR those of you without boats can post that you are seeking a ride to one of our Naked Regattas.  Post your details on our Bulletin Board including what you have and what you're looking for or what you want and/or need.  Be sure to include your email address so people can contact you.  Who knows... you just might find yourself a new sexy, fun playmate!  Those not posting cannot be guaranteed a spot in the raft up line AND will be required to pay, based on the sliding scale at this link: Price For Party
  22. Love Thy Neighbor:  If you want to be sure that you'll love the neighbors you'll be rafted with for the weekend, then be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions and read the section, "How Can I Be SURE I'm Rafted Against A Hot Sexy Couple I Want To Be Neighbors With for the weekend?"
  23. Generators:  Many boats attending our regattas have generators.  PLEASE be respectful of your neighbors.  Any generators that disturb the surrounding boats, may not be used.  If you have a smoky generator, you know it, so please don't make your new neighbors tell you that it is ruining their BBQ before you turn it off.
    1. Any generators that are excessively loud and/or produce lots of smoke and/or fumes, then make sure you are at the end of the raft-up and downwind of everyone else, or the generator must not be used.  If the wind shifts so that your pollution blows on the party, then please turn it off.
    2. Any generators that discharges oil, soot, carbon or anything into the water that makes the water unsightly and not perfect for swimming, then those generators may NOT be turned on until after midnight when everyone is done swimming, and must be turned off by 7:00 AM.  (No matter how fresh, clear and blue the water is, when there is an oil slick or carbon floating on top of it, it ruins swim time and gets into people's hair and all over their naked bodies and floats and water toys).
    3. Any generators that cause the surrounding boats' carbon monoxide alarms to go off, must not be used.
  24. Carbon Monoxide Alarms:  This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  ALL boats, regardless if you have a generator or not, MUST have a CO alarm if you are spending the night.  Remember that deadly carbon monoxide fumes from other boats can drift into your boat while you're sleeping, so as a safety precaution, all boaters that are spending the night must have an alarm.  If you don't have one, you can buy one at Walmart for only $30 in the fire alarm department.  It could save your life.
  25. Be Familiar With All Areas Of This Website:  There is lots of valuable information on this website and lots of it gets updated with more information as it becomes available.  All pages are listed on the left and when they are updated we indicate it so you can see what's new.  Don't miss the Frequently Asked Questions page, and Regatta Details page.
  26. Garbage & Trash:  Yes we know that lots of garbage is biodegradable and that the crabs love to eat chicken bones and other garbage.  But please feed them some other time and never at this regatta.  It's never fun to be swimming totally naked under bright sunny skies, in beautiful blue water, and then get the feeling that you're swimming in the dish-water because you have watermelon rinds, chicken bones, shrimp tails or cigarette butts and other garbage floating by you.