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All Members From All The Swing Clubs Together for The Wildest Boating Sandbar Party Ever!


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Attention All Captains: 

IMPORTANT Registration Procedure: This is a private party with ONLY people confirmed on the printed reservation list attending.  For the safety, security and protection of everyone at this party, Everyone Attending MUST click this Liability Release Waiver and print out all pages. 

ALL blank spaces on the liability release waiver must be filled in and completed in CLEAR BLOCK PRINTING, dated and signed, AND a witness must also sign for each person.  Since there are multiple people on your boat, then they can all witness for each other.

This is VERY important.  This protects EVERYONE, including boat captains and party-goers, so that you, (or we), cannot be sued by someone that gets drunk on your boat and twists their ankle or slips on your dive platform or falls down your ladder or whatever.  Everyone is responsible for themselves.

It also gives us an account of who everyone is, in case someone's behavior is such that we need their name and email address for future banning and other purposes.

Everyone attending the regatta is responsible for printing and bringing their own waivers.  If you don't bring your own waivers, then we will provide them to you for a $20 donation for each waiver.  A separate waiver is needed for each person attending.  Have your waivers completed and ready to hand to your boat captain when you board his boat, and all boat captains have them ready to hand over at the regatta before rafting up.

NO ONE will be admitted without a signed waiver.  Everyone will  keep page 1 & 2 for themselves to read and for reference when they get home after the party, (please always be sure to post comments about each party you attend in the bulletin board in the "Past Party-Goers" section).  Everyone will fill out page 3 and give to the boat captain to give to us upon arrival.

When you are approaching the regatta, you will call us on channel #72 and ask for the Barbi Party.  Tell us the name you registered as on the Bella Vita bulletin board and how many total passengers you have, both male and female and that you have everyone's clearly filled out and signed liability waivers in your hand to deliver upon rafting up.

Once you have rafted up you will exchange your waivers and donations for wristbands.  You will only be given one wristband for each signed and completed waiver that you deliver.  Everyone must have their wristbands on the entire time at the party.  If anyone does not have a wristband on, they will be asked to leave and the captain that brought them will have some explaining to do.

We ask that you NOT allow anyone on your boat that does not have a wristband on.  To do so, does not help us enforce the rules and means they have not signed a liability waiver so you are responsible for anything and everything that happens to them on your boat, and if you brought them, you could be held responsible for anything they do on anyone's boat.  So please help protect everyone by printing out this simple waiver and being sure that everyone you bring has signed it, and report anyone without a wristband to us.  Those people can party somewhere else.

We know that this isn't a fun side of the party, (believe me it's a MUCH bigger headache for us than it is for you) but it is a necessary side of it in order to keep everyone safe in this sue-crazy world.  We've done the hard part of putting together a simple system to protect everyone, and we need everyone's help to follow and help enforce all the rules for the security and protection of us all.