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All Swing Club Members Unite For

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All Members From All The Swing Clubs Together for The Wildest Boating Sandbar Party Ever!

Frequently Asked Questions:  We know that these regatta boat parties are not like any other boat party in the world, so you probably have questions.  If we haven't answered your questions on the other pages in this website, then maybe it's answered here, and if not, then email Barbi at BlondeFlasher@aol.com and you'll get a quick reply and probably add your question to this page for others to see too.

You can also find more valuable information & details by Clicking Here so please be sure that you've read all pages before emailing your questions because the answer is probably already here somewhere.

Important Information:
  1. swinger, sex, boat, yacht, party, Florida, boat party, naked regatta, raft up, raft-up, orgy, adult, boat club, swingers boats, swinger parties, FL, Fla, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Ft LaudOrganizing All Of This Is A LOT Of Time & Money, Who Pays For All Of This? - That's a very good question.   In 2005 we got involved in developing TropicalParadiseCondo.com a property developed by BellaVitaResorts.com as a clothing-optional, adults-only lifestylel-friendly, recreational playground.  As a way of helping to spread the word about TropicalParadiseCondo.com and BellaVitaResorts.com we created BellaVitaBoatClub.com so that helps to offset lots of the expenses that we have.  The rest is paid for by the generous donations of our boat club members who cheerfully donate $20 to each party they attend. 
  2. Do I Have To Get Naked? - NO.  Not at all.  We call it a "Totally Naked Swinger's Boating Regatta Party" but it's "Clothing-Optional" so you don't have to get naked if you don't want to.  If you look at all the pictures, you'll see that usually about half are naked and half are not so do whatever is most comfortable for you.
  3. Do I Have To Be A "Swinger"? - NO.  Not at all.  Similar to the "Naked" question above, we call it a "Totally Naked Swinger's Boating Regatta Party" but you don't have to be a "swinger" and you don't have to "play" anymore than you "have to be naked".  Our parties attract lots of swingers, nudists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, nude recreationists and people that like to keep their cloths on but just love being in a wild party environment with lots of other fun party boaters.  If you like fun and you like people and you like boating, then this is for you.
  4. Is Everyone At The Party A "Super-Model" With A Perfect Body? - Not hardly!  Maybe in a perfect world, but not at this party.  Our parties attract adults of all ages from 21 on up and lots of them DO have hot, tight, super-model bodies, but there are also lots that don't.  So don't worry about what kind of body you have because there will always be lots of others with better, (and lots with "not better") bodies so you will blend right in and be very comfortable no matter what your body's age, size, shape or type.  If we all waited until we were 100% satisfied with our bodies before we went to a party, then NONE of us would be going anywhere because there will always be something that we wish was better about ourselves.  So lighten up baby!  Relax, come enjoy yourself!  This is all just about having fun!!!
  5. Are Single Guys Invited? - A limited number of Single Sailors are invited, but they must Click Here and Read This Page and all it's links Completely.  Please remember that saying, "I didn't know I was supposed to read anything" or "I didn't see that page" is no excuse.  You will not be allowed in the raft up until you've emailed us confirmation that you've read these pages and links and that you agree to follow all the rules and have sent us photos of yourself.  And if you show up without confirmation, then you will be turned away.  Sorry, that's the rules so please be sure to follow them.
  6. Are Single Girls Invited? - Of Course!  And there are usually a few of them at every party.  Lots of times girls without boats will post on our Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum looking for a ride so be sure to check that link often if you'd like to be her captain and bring an extra girl along with you.  Girls, be sure to post on our Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum or email Barbi directly at BlondeFlasher@aol.com if you need a ride.
  7. Is There Anything I Absolutely NEED To Know? - YES... LOTS! 
    1.  Everyone needs to read and be familiar with the pages titled "Must Read" and "Regatta Details" and "Raft Up Order".
    2.  Single Sailing guys must read "Single Sailors".
    3.  Couples without boats should read "Don't Have A Boat?  NO Problem baby!"
    4.  Newbies who've never been to a swing club or lifestyle event should read, "What To Expect".
  8. Can I Go To The Party Even If I Don't Have A Boat? - YES!   We have a section on the Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum just for YOU! Those with boats that are seeking sexy shipmates, OR those of you without boats that are seeking a ride to one of our Naked Regattas, then post your details on our Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum including what you have and what you're looking for or what you want and/or need.  Be sure to include your email address so people can contact you.  Who knows... you just might find yourself a new sexy, fun playmate!
  9. Can I Go Even If I Don't Have A Boat And Haven't Met Anyone On The Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum To Ride On Their Boat?  YES!!!  We have a free limo shuttle boat for you.
  10. Can I Go To The Party Even If I Just Have A Jet Ski or A Rowboat? - YES!  Go to the "Must Read" page and see the "Big Yachts & Small Boats" section.
  11. Can I Leave Anytime I want To Or Am I Stuck In The Middle Of 30 Boats For The Weekend? - Go to the "Must Read" page and see the "Early Leavers" section.
  12. How Can I Be SURE I'm Rafted Against A Hot Sexy Couple I Want To Be Neighbors With? - That is another good reason for the Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum.  Post your photo on the board saying you want to be rafted with another hot, sexy fun couple.  (Or maybe rafted with other couples in your age group where you'll have the most fun).  Then when you get replies from other couples, you can email directly with them to make plans to arrive at the regatta at the same time.  Maybe you'll meet 4 or 5 couples from the Bulletin Board and you ALL want to be rafted up together in our regatta.  No problem baby!  Just make plans to arrive with your new friends at our regatta at the same time.  Then just hang out near our naked regatta, and when your entire party has arrived, radio us to let us know, and we'll raft you all up together inline with the rest of our regatta.  Now it's party time baby!!!
  13. What Is The First Step? - The first step is to register on the Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum and make a thoughtful posting.  Registering on the Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum and posting your Reservation Confirmation is VERY Important for a number of reasons.  First, posting your reservation helps us to spread the word and promote these events, but equally as important, sometimes we have last minute changes that we need to notify you about.  These parties are free and take a lot of time and effort to organize and we don't ask anything from you except to help spread the word to make them bigger and more fun.  Posting to the website regularly helps to create activity on the website and gets people talking and spreading the word about our next big upcoming TOTALLY NAKED BOATING REGATTA.  These events are growing very fast thanks to those that have been helping to spread the word.  Those that don't register on the website and don't help spread the word aren't really contributing anything to help the parties and won't be on the reservation list when they try to raft up with the regatta.  These people are known as "Gotta Nada" because they "Got Nothing to say".  So please be sure to register and then do your share by posting to help spread the word.  To make sure you know what a "Thoughtful Posting" is, go to "Definitions" and read, Gotta Nada, Lame Brain and Thoughtful Posting.
  14. How Do I Make A Posting In The Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum? - To register your Reservation Confirmation, simply follow these easy steps:
    1. First, be sure you are using Internet Explorer for your browser and not AOL.  AOL users Click Here for instructions on using a browser that is NOT AOL.  AOL's browser cannot handle the complex programming in these forums and much of the graphics on this website.
    2. Click Here to go to the Bella Vita Bulletin Board Forum,
    3. then click on, "Bulletin Board, Register Here",
    4. then choose your UserName and Password that you will always use to access this forum.  Remember that it is cAsE sEnSiTiVe so be sure to type it exactly how you will want it to appear and how you will always type it to enter the site.
    5. The forum will send you an email for you to confirm and validate your membership.  Click the link in this validation email to activate your membership.
    6. Now you're ready to log in and start posting.
    7. Then to create a username & profile, click on "My Controls" in the top right corner.
    8. then click "Edit Avatar" to upload a picture of yourself or your party group or even your boat, so people can see who is coming to the party.
    9. Then, click the Forum topic titled, "Post Your Confirmation Here For The Next Regatta",
    10. then click the party month you are confirming for
    11. and then click "Add Reply".  (I know it sounds a bit confusing, but it's not, just follow these instructions step by step) and you'll be a posting professional in no time! :)

    Make a nice, detailed thoughtful posting telling people about you (if you're new, your experience in the lifestyle, your boat (if any) and that you're going to the party and what you've heard about it, anything you can think of that will make people interested in you and excited to meet you.  Remember that only boring people write boring postings, so make the best first impression you can... BE EXCITING!!!