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Welcome to Temptation Island

All Swing Club Members Unite For

Temptation Island

All Members From All The Swing Clubs Together for The Wildest Boating Sandbar Party Ever!


We don't want ANYONE to be left out, even if you don't have a boat.
That's right, if you are a couple or single girl and you don't have a boat then you can still join the party.
First you will need to create a detailed profile with a recent avatar photo and make a detailed posting on the bulletin board that you would like to join someone on their boat.  If you don't meet anyone with a boat to join them, that's still okay because we'll be rafting up at our own tiny little island... "Temptation Island"!
On Temptation Island, you will bring everything you'd normally bring to the beach, beach towels, blankets, floats for the water and umbrellas for the sand and even sleeping bags if you think might want to play it real flexible & adventurous and end up deciding to stay all night long!  (if not, make sure that you've coordinated a ride back to the marina too).

Then if you haven't gotten confirmed to join someone else on their boat, then just contact one of volunteer shuttle captains and and ask him to take you on his limo Shuttle Boat with all your "beachy" things, to the island, which will be only a dozen feet or so away from the raft up so you'll be able to visit and make new friends with everyone while visiting them on their boats too!

Just let me know and we'll put you on the party list!  It's going to be LOTS of fun!!!  But it all first starts with creating a detailed profile with an avatar photo on the Bulletin Board and making a post.