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These words and phrases help you understand more about our Totally Naked Regattas!



  1. Bella Vita Babes - Girls that are regular attendants at these regattas.  You can easily spot them because not only are they lots of fun, but if they aren't naked, they are wearing a very colorful super tiny, Bella Vita G-String Bikini awarded to one girl at each party. (these suits are identical to the Wicked Weasel suits that are so popular among lifestylers and are valued at $75).  They could be single or part of a couple, but they are fun, playful girls that love telling all their friends and spreading the word about Bella Vita.  They post on the Bulletin Board letting everyone know they're coming to the party and what their experiences have been from past parties.  So ladies... Be a "Bella Vita Babe"!  Spread the word and get your free Bella Vita Bikini at the next regatta for free!!!
  2. Castaways - Those without a boat that didn't find someone with a boat to join, but took the shuttle boat to the regatta, hoping to meet someone at the regatta that would put them up for the night.  (This is actually VERY easy to do since lots of boaters have extra sleeping space and even if you can't find an actual "bed" there are always couches or even sun pads to sleep on and all the cabin cruisers have bathrooms and showers that you're welcome to use).
  3. Day-Trippers - Boaters with day boats not planning to spend the night.  Remember that just because you have a boat without a cabin, doesn't mean you can't spend the night.    LOTS of boaters camp out on their boats (See "Happy Campers" below) or stay on their newfound friend's boat that they met at the regatta.  So always come prepared with a blanket and a pillow because you'll find after you arrive, that you don't want to leave!  Remember that you can always post on the bulletin board in the section looking for a cabin to stay on, and don't forget to check the section where other sexy boaters are advertising that they have space for you on their boat.
  4. Eager Beavers - Girls that like to get an early start and make a longer regatta out of the weekend by arriving Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon.
  5. Early Birds - Guys that like to get an early start and make a longer regatta out of the weekend by arriving Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon.
  6. Gooch the Mooch - These are the people that don't come prepared.  They don't bring food, or they bring lame food and want to eat your steak and lobster while handing you a bag of chips if they brought anything at all.  The will hop from boat to boat asking to bum a beer at each stop along the way, borrow your suntan lotion & sun-block, and anything else they can bum from you that ain't tied down.  They won't bring their own towels to dry off with and sit on so when everyone is naked, they will be sitting bare-ass on your nice upholstered furniture in your luxury yacht.  All the boaters at this party brought their own boat, food, drinks and supplies.  And if they brought their own boat, you can usually spot a Captain Gooch the Mooch right away because when they join the raft up they don't even have the basic essentials that even the most novice boater would have.  They expect you to have the fenders to protect your boat from theirs, even though they are the ones rafting to you.  Don't expect them to have an anchor either since they didn't bother to have fenders.  And make sure you use their lines to tie up with them because they will most likely conveniently forget and take your lines with them when they leave.  This person is usually also a "Gotta Nada", (see below). Please report any Gooch the Mooches to us so we can quickly set them adrift.
  8. Remember that if you are arriving WITHOUT A BOAT, then if you want to be welcome and invited on their boats, bring lots of food and drinks to share with everyone, otherwise you're just another hungry mouth for them to feed and take up space on their boat, and if that's the case, then unless you are arriving with a dozen playboy bunnies and porn stars with you, you won't likely find anyone wanting to adopt you to hang out on their boat all day.  So be smart and be courteous and be a Gracious Guest, (see below).
  9. Gotta Nada - These are people that "got nothing" to say.  They don't help spread the word about these events, they don't post on the Bulletin Board, they don't do anything to help make these parties bigger and better, yet they love to show up at a big, fun, wild regatta party, after everyone else has helped to spread the word to make it a big event with lots of fun party people, and they want to enjoy the fruits of everyone else's labor.  And if they do make a posting, it is so totally lame, with a few minimal words that it only says, "We'll be there" or "See you there, can't wait".  Be careful because this person is usually also a "Gooch The Mooch", (see above).  Don't be a Gotta Nada.  Have something to say.  Post on the Bulletin Board and help spread the word.  Those not posting cannot be guaranteed a spot in the raft up line AND will be required to pay, based on the sliding scale at this link: Price For Party
  10. Gracious Guest - These are the most wonderful kinds of people that boaters LOVE to invite to join them on their boats.  They know that the boat captain has spent at least tens of thousands of dollars and often times hundreds of thousands of dollars, on his boat.  They know his boat burns 10-40 gallons of fuel per hour and with the current price of fuel at the marinas that means their boats cost $40 - $160 per hour to operate and about $100 - $200 per day to run the generator for air-conditioning, so a weekend of boating will easily cost $500 - $1,000.  They also know that most captains will spend lots of money on food and alcohol for entertainment for a regatta.  These Gracious Guests know that when joining someone on their boat it is customary to bring anything you can to show the boat captain your appreciation.  Bring steaks or shrimp or something exotic and offer to cook it.  If you drink, bring enough alcohol to share, (do NOT take the bottle when you leave), bring your own towels and a few bags of ice is always nice.  If you have a specialty meal that you like to prepare, then bring everything you need to make a lot of it and make a nice buffet on his boat for everyone.  THAT is how you get invited back over and over again to join people on their boats.  Gracious Guests Always find a great boat to hang out on during the day and stay on over night.
  11. Happy Campers - Those that camped out.  They can be Day-Trippers camping on their own boat, or Castaways sleeping on the sun pad on the bow of someone's boat or a Landlubber that found a boat to join but their bed is the couch cushions in the fly-bridge.  If you're in bed, and you open your eyes and see the stars, then chances are, you're a Happy Camper. ;)  Most playful naked people will meet other sexy boaters that have room on their cabin to stay the night.  Maybe you'll get a cabin to yourself, or maybe a couch in an air-conditioned salon, or maybe a blow up mattress on the floor, but we've never met anyone yet that couldn't find a place to stay.  You'd be surprised at how nice it is sleeping in the cool breeze on the fly-bridges and sun pads of the bigger boats, and there are TONS of sun pads to sleep on!  Remember that you can always post on the bulletin board in the section looking for a cabin to stay on, and don't forget to check the section where other sexy boaters are advertising that they have space for you on their boat.
  12. Lame Brain - Those that only know how to make a "Lame Posting". (see "Gotta Nada" above).  These people make a 3-5 word posting saying, "We'll be there" or "See you there, Can't wait".  When they are told they cannot come to the party for free and are explained in detail exactly why their posting does not qualify as a "thoughtful posting", (see "Thoughtful Posting" below) then their "lame brain" turns on and they say, "Really? Why not? Isn't my posting good? What's wrong with it"? "What did I do wrong?"  "Duh... what was I supposed to say?"  If someone is a lame brain, then this party is not for them and they are not welcome, as these parties are for intelligent people only.  We need a huge sign at the regatta... "Lame Brains Need Not Apply" lol ;)
  13. Landlubbers - Those without a boat that are seeking to find someone with a boat so they can join them for the regatta.
  14. Mermaids - This is a single lady without a date.  Mermaids advertise on the bulletin board to find rides and usually get a boat VERY fast.  There are always a few Mermaids at every regatta and are often times the life of the party.  If a Mermaid is also a Castaway, she can always find a fun boat to stay overnight on.
  15. Single Sailor - This is a single guy without a date.  It doesn't mean you're "not married".  We don't care about that.  If you are a guy and you come to the regatta without a girl, then you are a "Single Sailor".  Remember that ALL "Single Sailors" must be pre-approved for invitation to join us.  Complete details are on the Single Sailors page.
  16. Thoughtful Posting - A thoughtful posting is a posting on the Bella Vita Bulletin Board that shows you care.  It's when you care enough to spend a few minutes talking about the party, describing yourself your boat, your swing experience or expectations or anything you'd like to share, and that you're excitedly looking forward to meeting and partying with everyone at the regatta.  It doesn't have to be a "book" but it should not be a handful of short words either.  It's "thoughtful".  Also, being thoughtful includes always being sure that after the party you post in the Past Party-Goers section sharing with the world your experience at the party and all the fun you had, the people you met, the things you enjoyed and anything you'd like to share.  We appreciate your thank you letters of appreciation, but it means MUCH more to us when you post your thank you letters to us here so we can share them with the world.  We want to know and we want the world to know... Did you have lots of fun?  Was it well organized?  Were there lots of good looking people?  Did everyone welcome you and make you feel comfortable and welcome?  Was there lots of naked people?  Was it a safe, secluded, protected area?  Was there lots of opportunities for swinging and playing and socializing?  Did you have some great sex?  Did you see others having great sex?  Do you want to come to another party?  Would you recommend this party to everyone else?

    This is very important to us and lets us know who appreciates these parties enough that we want to invite them back again.
  17. Wolf In Sheep's Clothes -  If you are a Single Sailor, then be open and honest with us and tell us you're a single guy.  Do not tell us you're a couple, and then arrive at the regatta telling us a story about how "your date unexpectedly couldn't make" it so you came without her, because NOW you are no longer a couple, instead you will be viewed a Wolf In Sheep's Clothes trying to trick your way into our party so you will be turned away.  If your status changes and you are a Single Sailor, then simply tell us that, and go through the approval process that ALL Single Sailors are required to go through outlined on this page.