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All Members From All The Swing Clubs Together for The Wildest Boating Sandbar Party Ever!


Price List & Explanations Are Below
These parties are FREE for first times!

We'd love to have you join our party. 
VERY Important Notice About ALL Future Regattas!

We've held boat regattas every month since 2005 and in the past, we've never charged anyone a dime and never accepted any donations.  swinger, sex, boat, yacht, party, Florida, boat party, naked regatta, raft up, raft-up, orgy, adult, boat club, swingers boats, swinger parties, FL, Fla, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Ft LaudAnd that's okay because Tropical Paradise and Bella Vita Resorts sponsors these parties as a way to promote and spread the word about Tropical Paradise.  But if you don't help spread the word, then it's not really fair to us, since we pay people to help us with the 80-100 hours that we spend every month managing the website, operating the forums and updating you with emails.  We pay for all the graphic designing, printing, wristbands, legal fees, website hosting, and forum software programming, and we front the thousands of dollars for bikinis, t-shirts, hats, golf shirts and burgies, (boat flags) and sell them for our cost.  At an average expense of over $2,000 a month, (not counting all our time) we’ve spent over $50,000 for these parties.  We only share this with you because we can't keep supporting the club anymore without your help.  If you enjoy these parties then in order to keep them going and growing, we need your donations.  The donations below are suggested minimum donations.  Please feel free to help more.

We don’t expect to ever recoup all (or even any) of the money we’ve already spent for these parties, and we’re not trying to.  Your donations simply help offset some of the expenses.  Any party that doesn’t receive $2,000 in donations is a party that we pay the balance for, so please donate cheerfully.

Minimum Party Donations: (Please Feel Free To Donate More)

1.     First Time Attendee Wristband (if this is your first regatta ever with us and you’ve registered to attend by writing a thoughtful postingThis Party Is FREE For YOU!

2.     Repeat Attendee Wristbands (If you’ve been to these parties before): $20 each wristband.

3.     Liability Waivers, One Per Person (if you forget to download, print & bring one, then one will be provided for you. This applies to everyone, including First Time Attendees) $20 each.

4.     Lame Postings: If your posting is minimal or not “thoughtful” $10 additional donation per person, with a $20 minimum.  If you’re not sure what a “thoughtful posting” is, then go to BellaVitaBoatClub.com/definitions.htm and read the definitions for:  “Thoughtful Posting”.

5.     If You Do Not Post As Described Below, within 7 days after any party you attend, and at least 3 weeks before the next party you attend, All donations are doubled for your next party.  (actually, the better way to look at it is that the parties are $40 to attend, but for those that are "promoters" and help promote the parties with their thoughtful postings, then they party for half price!)

6.     Arriving Un-Prepared Without lines, anchors, fenders, or after your scheduled raft up time or after dark, or not calling on VHF radio when approaching, additional donations may apply. 

We know that everyone has become so spoiled by our free parties for these years, but we hope that you will still appreciate that a 3-day Friday, Saturday, Sunday party for a $20 donation is still a very good value, (even if you only come for one day) especially considering all other boat clubs have a several hundred dollar membership fee, AND a monthly membership dues AND a "per party regatta fee".  So our parties are still free, but just for your first visit, after that, we need you to donate to help contribute if you want to keep these parties going, so we truly appreciate your understanding.

And for those of you that think that $20 will create a financial hardship for you, please let us know and we will gladly give you some volunteer work to do for the regatta which will act as your donation in helping to support these parties.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page and select something from the list of jobs we do every month.

When you register with a thoughtful posting, that means your wristbands are only $20.  And remember, after the party to please don't forget to go to the past party-goer's section at http://www.bellavitaboatclub.com/forums/index.php?showforum=4 and make a posting about what your experience was at the party.  This is one of the requirements to attend these parties for only $20, otherwise your next party is $40.  Besides... the more you talk about the club, the more it helps to spread the word, so please tell your friends about our little naked party boat club and tell them to register on the website and join us.  We hope that you will continue to help spread the word by posting detailed thoughtful postings often!!!
Feel free to invite your friends to join you on your boat and please ask them to register on the site too as that helps to create more excitement and helps contribute to building a bigger and better party for you.  And if they can't come out for the entire weekend with you on your boat, Haulover Marina is very close by and they can take the limo shuttle boat to bring them to the party, or you can run in with a dinghy if you have one, to the marina to pick them up when they call you on your cell phone.
You posting to the Bulletin Board only needs to be a few sentences long, but PLEASE don't make some lame posting that just says, "We're coming" or "We will be there". That is useless in helping to spread the word so it tells us that you'd rather pay $40 to attend.
If you don't want to pay to attend and you don't want to make a thoughtful posting, then here are some other things that we do every month for free to make these events happen for you to enjoy, and you can volunteer to do any of these things too.  We've indicated the time requirement it takes us for each chore so take your pick because all of this needs to get done every month and we're happy to have your help:
  1. 5 Minutes Time:  Pay the boat club's $400 monthly hosting and Internet bandwidth bill.
  2. 2-4 Hours each day Sat & Sun:  Volunteer to provide and captain the limo shuttle boat to bring visitors to and from the local marina out to the party, and take them back to the marina when they want to leave.
  3. 0 Time: Provide a cabin for our limo boat captain, Adam, and his female guest.
  4. 2-4 Hours: Go to the regatta location a day ahead of everyone and rake the beach clearing away all trash and sharp rocks and objects and empty the trash cans, so the island is ready for us.
  5. 10 Hours:  Write all the email invitations required for the month to assure a good party turn out.  And pay $15 - $20 per website to join all the match-making sites (we are members of about 12 of them) and post party invitations on their sites inviting their members to join us for free and reply to all their requests for more information sending them nice letters with complete information.
  6. 5 Minutes: We bought over 1,000 Bella Vita bikinis to sell at our cost of only $20.  You can reimburse the $20,000 required for that.
  7. 10-100 Hours per item:  We've been requested to make Bella Vita Boat Club burgees, (flags for the boats) and boat club cards to hand out to your other boating friends, and hats, visors, T-shirts, tank tops, beach towels, insulated cup holders, tote-bags, floats and even flip-flops.  We already made 1,000 bikinis, and boat club cards, and T-shirts and hats, so you can pick any one of these other items that you'd like to sponsor and we'll give you the artwork and you do all the rest, get prices, samples and minimum orders.  Then get them all made of the highest and best quality and pay for it out of your pocket, and we will reimburse you as people buy these items for cost at each of the parties.
  8. 5 Minutes: We bought over 50 Bella Vita Boat Club burgees, (flags for the boats) to sell to club members.  We've already done all the work to design them and find the best company to make them so all you need to do is us the $2,000 we paid for these burgees and you'll get paid back as members buy the flags.
  9. 20-40 Hours: Monitor the bulletin board and keep detailed records for every person that joins and the postings they make regarding each regatta so we know who has registered their reservations and who has made a "thoughtful posting" to qualify for attending for free.  Those that don't, then you get to have an uncomfortable conversation with them about their lame posting and why the rules apply to everyone and they are not exempt so are required to pay.
  10. 20-40 Hours:  Edit all the photos each month after the regatta and create thumbnails for all of them and organize them into photo galleries in html web pages and send them to us to upload to the website.
  11. 20 Hours: Update the website each month writing creative html codes with the new information for the next party.
  12. 2-4 Hours: Personally interview, hire and pay an attorney $250 per hour for about 3-4 hours of his time to draft the liability waiver needed for these event.  Be sure to set aside several hours to research all the different exposure possibilities so you can explain to the lawyer exactly what we need.
  13. 2 Minutes: Make a thoughtful posting confirming your reservation within the deadline date, and if you've been to previous parties, then also post in the Past Party Experiences section.  This makes your party free for first timers and only $20 for repeaters.