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All Swing Club Members Unite For

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All Members From All The Swing Clubs Together for The Wildest Boating Sandbar Party Ever!

Special Notice: Remember that this is Florida so weather conditions change.  ALWAYS Click This Page before heading to any of our events to check for any last minute changes in locations.

If the weather is known to be bad at our planned destination, then we will switch with an alternate location to find better weather or to go to a location that protects us from the wind, and we'd hate for you to not check here so you go to the wrong place.

So please play it safe, always check here the morning of the regatta for any last minute changes.


2012 Calendar


Next Regatta:
Date: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2012 On The Dates Shown Below
Time: Friday 5:00 PM and Saturday Starts at 10:00 AM The party doesn't stop until Sunday at 5:00 PM! (
Click for raft-up details)

Location:  The location varies depending on the time of eyar and the weather predictions.  It Is One of the locations detailed below.

Almost ALL our regattas  from March through October are at Temptation Island showin as location #1 in the photo map below. Anytime there are super high winds, then we'll be at location #2, 5 or 6, depending on the wind direction, by Hidden Bay near Oleeta Park by Haulover Inlet.

November & January parties are at Location #6.

February's Regatta party is at Jimbo's Fish Camp by Rickenbacker Causeway.

October Columbus Day Regatta Oct 5th-8th We Will Be at Elliott Key.

My October 12th - 14th Regatta We Will Be Back At Temptation Island, Location #1.

And the December WinterFest Boat Parade Regatta in Fort Lauderdale we will be at Lake Sylvia on Friday, and in the ICW at Green market #13 on Saturday morning to get front row positions to watch the parade that night.

Every Party Has A Fun & Sexy Theme To Encourage Making New Friends!

For complete indepth details about each party, go to: http://www.bellavitaboatclub.com/forums/index.php?/forum/6-post-your-confirmation-here-for-the-next-regatta/

Email Barbi at BlondeFlasher@aol.com to confirm your attendance.

Jan 13th - 15th
Hooters 2012
Feb 10th - 12th
Full Moon &
Pink Party at Jimbo's
Mar 9th - 11th
Full Moon Party & Lingerie Dance
Apr 13th - 15th
Swing Break
May 11th - 13th
Pants On The Ground Party
Jun 8th - 10th
Bikinis, Wienies & Martinis! AND 100 Pizzas & Live Karaoke
July 13th - 15th
Barbi's Birthday Party!
Aug 10th - 12th
Pants On The Ground Party
Sept 14th - 16th
Sexy School Girls Dance Party
Oct 12th - 14th
Pirates of the Caribbean
Nov 9th - 11th
Thanksgiving Potluck Feast
Dec 7th - 9th
WinterFest Boat Parade
We have a regatta every month.  We tell you the location that we'll be going to when we've made that final determination based partly on what the weather conditions are forecasted to be.  Locations are always very close to Haulover Marina & Inlet in Miami unless otherwise notified far in advance so everyone can plan accordingly.
Below are the different locations we go to.
  If you have a suggested location, then please send us photos and complete details and we will consider it as a future location.  Take a look at all the fun places we have lined up for you!
  Temptation Island - A tiny island protected by a barrier of rocks with one small opening of white sandy beaches big enough for a dozen of the first arriving boats to back up real close to the beach with deep clear water, nice snorkeling and a perfectly private party place.  This is one of our favorite spots.
  Temptation's Hidden Bay located across from Haulover Inlet.  This is the perfect place to hide out from even the worst weather.  Protected on all sides, it gives a great location with calm waters and blocked breezes so this is often our back-up location if ugly weather pops up unexpectedly.  Remember, rain or shine or even if there is a chill in the air, there are always enough big yachts at our parties that if the weather isn't perfect, we just take the party inside one of the big yachts and keep the party going all weekend long.
  Jimbo's Fish Camp at www.JimbosPlace.com across from Fisher Island and Miami's Governmetn Cut inlet. -  This is truly one of Florida's last treasures.  It's the last frontier.  When you go here, you will be taking a step back in time as there is more history here than in most history books.  An "unofficial" fish camp on county land belonging to the Parks & Recreations department, Jimbo has leased this property since 1960 for $1 a year, and from the looks of things, he hasn't put even one of those dollars into any improvements as it's remained totally unchanged since that time.  It's somewhat of a "squatter's camp" with old hippies living there keeping an eye on things and the characters are as colorful and interesting as the place itself.  Live rock bands just show up on the weekends and play for free and just for the fun of it so you never know who is going to be there because nobody knows.... it's just a matter of what band decides to play that weekend.  Shrimp and smoked fish is the only thing on the menu, served cold and out of a cardboard box handed to you in a plastic bag is totally delicious and a "must try" thing to do.  If you never join one of our regattas at Jimbo's you've still GOT to visit here on your own.  P.S.... Wear an old Grateful Dead concert t-shirt if you have one and you'll blend right in!  Check out these few articles about Jimbo's.  It's fascinating.

New Times Article      Critical Miami Article     Jimbo's Website

  Historic Stiltsville Party - For those of you that don't know what Stiltsville is, it's a few homes, built on stilts in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Miami.  these homes have decades of history behind them and have withstood more than their fair share of hurricanes and governmental fights.  There are less than a dozen of these quaint homes left and a member of the Bella Vita Boat Club happens to own one of them and this will be the rendezvous place for this party.  Just ask for the Barbi Party on 72.
  We're going to Bimini in the Bahamas!!!  We'll be meeting at the Haulover Marina by the Haulover Inlet and we'll caravan to Bimini to enjoy nude swimming, snorkling and scuba diving in the crystal clear blue waters in the day, then go to some of the local fishing bars at night where we usually dance on the bar with little or nothing on under our tiny mini skirts and cause all sorts of attention for this fun little party island.  You don't want to miss this one.  Even the small boaters can come because in May the waters are usually very calm and if you don't have a cabin on your boat, there is a resort on the island where you can stay if you haven't met some swingers where you can stay on their boat.  We will probably be anchoring at the dock of a private home owned by some swinger friends.  We hope to make this trip sometime before the hurricane season starts.  We want to have at least 10 boats joining us so email us to be put on the list for this great adventure.
  Elliott Key - Blue waters, and lots of privacy.  This island 8 miles from shore is the perfect party place.  And depending on the group, sometimes a fun trip to shore to Black's Marina to see their southern rock & roll band makes for a really fun weekend.  Those driving from the north can caravan down with the group leaving from Haulover Marina.
  Holiday Isles at Islamorada -  This has a great sandbar with the world famous Holiday Isles hotel and tiki bar on shore.  Great reggae band on the beach and a rock band in the bar and our group always manages to stir up lots of excitement wherever we go so this is a great trip for sure.  Those driving from the north can caravan down with the group leaving from Haulover Marina.
  Columbus Day Regatta!  This is the granddaddy of them all.  The biggest in-water boat party in the world with over 5,000 boats attending.  We'll be getting here Friday night and staying through Sunday and many of us will be staying until Monday since it's a holiday weekend.  Come for the day, come for the weekend or come for all 3 days because this is the biggest, wildest naked boat party you've ever been to in your life so mark your calendar and make plans now!!!  Since the coastguard only allows a maximum of 5 boats to raft up in one group, then be sure to go to the bulletin board and make your post so you can start making plans with who you'll raft up with.  All our "groups of 5" will be in one area, but you'll want to choose the other 4 in your group, so create your profile, upload a picture and make your post baby!