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This Month's Totally Naked Swinger's Boat Regatta & Sleep-Over Party!
Our Totally Naked boating regattas
are so wild and fun and have so much activity going on in so many different places, that it's impossible to see, do and be part of everything.  This section is devoted to our wonderful boat club members that submit their photos and videos that they shot with their cameras, at each event for posting here to share with everyone else so you can see what you might have missed.  These photos are not to be copied or shared or passed around... these are only here for your personal viewing.

You can write to any of these couples that took these photos by visiting the Bella Vita Bulletin Board and searching for their name there.  It's a great way to make new friends even before the next regatta!

Also, Click Here for a shortcut to the forum to see what the attendees of this regatta had to say about it!

The links to all the photo galleries here give you a tiny idea of what happened at just this one regatta.  So make plans now to come to the next one by registering on the Bella Vita Bulletin Board and confirming your reservation.  To see the photo galleries that each of these couples submitted just click the photo next to their name.  Many thanks to all our dear members that make these contributions to these pages to help spread the word about these parties.

poledance.gifBarbi's Naked

Thanksgiving 2011
Regatta Party!

 :poledance: Wow, Another Great Hot & SeXXXy Party Weekend!mmparty.gifWith Tons Of New Naked Party People!

Click Photo Galleries Below 

These Photos Were Submitted By  Barbi

These Photos Were Submitted By LisasPureRomance.com  
 :boat: The party started right away on Friday night with boats :ShipAhoy: arriving early to Kick off the Party Weekend!
The North winds of 15 to 20 mph did not keep the Bella Vita Boat Club from SeXXXy Fun on the water. BellaVitaBoy found us a great out of the way cove, safe & sound from the wind and private for our weekend fun. :woohoo:

And I especially like the creative way he rafted all the boats together in a "U" shape creating a super cozy, well protected from the wind, and super private from any onlookers raft-up. And in addition to all those benefits, it also created such a nice cozy social atmosphere. Be sure to check out the photos from this month's party to see what I mean. It was really great and very different... I LOVED IT!!!

:mmparty: The weekend brought Great People, Great Food, and Great Fun!!!
On Saturday, prbyLisa, set up a very SeXXXy Shop :evilB: onboard the "Barbie Girl's sedan bridge, www.lisaspureromance.com. All the BellaVita Babes had so much Fun shopping for a little something SeXXXy for the "Lingerie Dance Party" :jumpboobs: and thats not all that prbyLisa had in her SeXXXy Shop, toys, lubes, treats for Him & Her, and she gave everyone at the party 50% off! so EVERYONE went shopping! Thank You prbyLisa for opening your SeXXXy Shop for all of us to enjoy. :thongandheels:
Despite the heavy winds that all other boaters experienced that were NOT at our location, :beachball: the sun came out on Saturday morning and more boats began to arrive. And a BIG "Thank YOU" to WildThingXXX who brought out the Bloody Marys that got everyone getting into their party groove early and continued into late Saturday Night, as the Naked Bella Vita Babes took over the "Barbie Girl's" bar :jumpboobs: Dancing the night away.

:3D-emonicon024: On Saturday afternoon, we all shared a "Pot-Luck Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner". Thank You all for all your Delicious dishes that you shared with all of us. BNaked4 for your tasty Green Bean Casserole & Cranberry Salad, Colleen for your Super Teriyaki Vegetarian Meatballs, FlaBluiz for making your delicious Sweet Potatoe Casserole, Lovers1 for my favorite desert of Pecan Pie, NiceGuy for all the Many Scrumptous Deserts you brought, SeaLife842 for making a wonderful Bean dish and pita bread wtih humis, and WildThingXXX for our favorite Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Salad. All of this added to the roast turkey and chicken made the perfect feast! This was so much fun to taste everyone's wonderful Dishes. Thank You All! :3D-emonicon060:

:3D-emonicon170: Even though the North Wind blew Saturday night outside our special little protected area, the wind was calm where we were and BellaVitaBoy had the music :3D-emonicon026: so HOT that the "Barbie Girl's" Bar was on FIRE with all the SeXXXy HOT Bella Vita Babes. WOW!!! You had to be there to Believe It, although I do have to admit that with our very full tummies, we didn't dance into the night as late as we normally do! LOL...

Thumbs Up :3D-emonicon029: to my BellaVitaBoy for his great Jimmy Buffet Breakfast Buffet on Sunday :3D-emonicon054: The Pumpkin Spice Waffels -- Delicious and your Grill Master skills continue to Amaze me!!! Thank you also to WildThingXXX for my all time breakfast favorite - Bacon. What better way to start your Sunday than with breakfast with friends before sunning nude in the warm Florida sunshine :3D-emonicon163:

:3D-emonicon020: Sunday afternoon turned into Sunday evening as some of us just didn't want the weekend to end. It was so nice to visit with "Newbies" PinkNBlue4u2. We look forward to seeing you again very soon. And "Thank YOU" for being so generous on your very first visit to BellaVitaBoatClub. Everyone enjoyed your MiamiVice drinks, shrimp cocktail with your homemade cocktail sauce, and an Extra Big Thank You for my favorites....the Omaha Steaks.
:3D-emonicon028: I must say "Thank You" to my "Galley Angel :3D-emonicon015:Colleen for helping with cleaning up the "Barbie Girl" after the "Pot Luck Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner" and the Jimmy Buffet Breakfast Buffet. What a treat for me to come back to the "Barbie Girl" and everything be all done for me. "Thank You" and Many Kisses to you :3D-emonicon061:.

:1bigkiss: I also want to say "Thank You" to my guests this weekend, FlaBluiz, NiceGuy, PalmaSutra, prbyLisa and Lori & Randi who we enjoyed so much being onboard the "Barbie Girl" and hope that they can all join us again real soon.

:3D-emonicon035: Also, since the Bella Vita Boat Club is a non-profit club that is ONLY able to operate solely by the generous donations and contributions of its thoughtful members, we are always so appreciative of everyone that donates so generously. And an EXTRA Special "Thank You" goes to SeaLife842, NiceGuy and WildThingXXX who went above and beyond by donating more than the suggested amount this month. THANK YOU!!! :1bigkiss:
Your generosity is GREATLY Appreciated! :thewave:
:kicking: What a PERFECT way to spend a Weekend!!! Seeing old friends and making so many new ones!!! :welcome55: We hope to see all our new Bella Vita friends again next month so, be sure to make your postings now to register to attend. Remember that the sooner you post, the more other people post and the bigger the party will be!

:3D-emonicon140: BE sure to make your postings now to register and attend Next Month's SeXXXy Hot Holiday Regatta :3D-emonicon144: . The perfect way to start off everyone's Holiday Season :3D-emonicon135: Be sure to see all the Special Events that are planned for the December Regatta. :woohoo:

And never forget.... Rain or shine, :beachsunburn: it's party time"!

To those of you that attended this month's party,
please help spread the word by taking a few minutes to tell others what you thought of the weekend, click here: http://www.bellavitaboatclub.com/forums/index.php?showforum=
. It's postings like yours that help let "nervous newbies" get comfortable to come join us. We'd love to see your review and what you have to say!

And while you're here, don't forget
to register to come to next month's party by clicking here: http://www.bellavitaboatclub.com/forums/index.php?showform=4
and making a thoughtful posting!

So don't wait baby!!! DO IT NOW!!!

Check out what everyone has to say about this party and all our past parties, click here: http://www.bellavitaboatclub.com/forums/index.php?showforum=6

Thank you everyone
for making these monthly parties the highlight of our month. We've made such wonderful friends at these parties and thank all of you for helping to make these parties the huge success that they are.

Spread the word! Tell all your friends! Tell them to get registered, Get posted, And GET NAKED at our next party as they keep getting bigger and bigger every month!!!

Check Our These Videos From Some Past Regattas!

June Regatta Videos:
1. Luscious Lacie's sweet ass Click This Link
2. Barbi & Luscious Lacie dancing together, Click Here
3. Regatta video, Click Here

September Regatta: Both videos are the same.  Choose the quality for your download speed & patience

1. Dial-Up 2 minute small low-resolution video- 835k
2. DSL 2 minute large high-resolution video- 5 megs

July Regatta: All three videos are the same.  Choose the quality for your download speed & patience

1. Dial-Up 2.5 minute small low-resolution video - 910k
2. DSL 2.5 minute larger medium-resolution video - 2.7 megs
3. DSL 2.5 minute large high-resolution video - 6.2 megs

IPB ImageThank you so much to everyone that helps contribute to the fun of these parties at the regattas and also by posting in these forums to help spread the word.

Don't forget that Saturday Night is "Lingerie Night" so ladies, bring your sexiest lingerie for Saturday night's lingerie dance!

We look forward to seeing everyone next month!

We plan to be going on Friday
and would love to have everyone join us Friday night too, so make plans now and post your confirmation and we'll see you then!

We hope to see everyone at our next regatta, and this just goes to show you.... no matter what the weatherman says, we always manage to slide on in there with picture perfect weather... if we say we're going to be there and that there is going to be a "party", then you better believe that There Will Be A "PARTY"!!!

Barbie :)