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August 2006 Totally Naked Swinger's Boat Regatta & Sleep-Over Party!
Our Totally Naked boating regattas are so wild and fun and have so much activity going on in so many different places, that it's impossible to see, do and be part of everything.  This section is devoted to our wonderful boat club members that submit their photos and videos that they shot with their cameras, at each event for posting here to share with everyone else so you can see what you might have missed.  These photos are not to be copied or shared or passed around... these are only here for your personal viewing.

You can write to any of these couples that took these photos by visiting the Bella Vita Bulletin Board and searching for their name there.  It's a great way to make new friends even before the next regatta!

The links to all the photo galleries here give you a tiny idea of what happened at just this one regatta.  So make plans now to come to the next one by registering on the Bella Vita Bulletin Board and confirming your reservation.  To see the photo galleries that each of these couples submitted just click the photo next to their name.  Many thanks to all our dear members that make these contributions to these pages to help spread the word about these parties.

Now THIS is THEE Regatta that will go down in history!

This August Regatta will be what all other regattas are measured by!

The weather could NOT have been more perfect. Almost a dozen eager beavers showed up to start the regatta off early on Friday night. There was a great breeze and a full moon, a really nice evening.

Saturday the sun was scorching at 95' with clear blue skies when another couple dozen boats arrived with great looking couples ready for a naked weekend of fun in the sun.

Most of us spent the entire day skinny dipping in the blue water staying cool. And MANY thanks to the "Margarita Toy King" who not only helped shuttle some couples to the party, but also brought his fabulous frozen drink machine and set up a full double bimini shaded rest station on his boat serving frozen margaritas to everyone that walked, swam or floated by his boat.

When the sun started going down and all the BBQ grills were fired up and "happy hour" was upon us, there was nothing that could have predicted how wild the night was about to become.

Maybe it was the night... maybe all those frozen margaritas.... maybe it was the full moon... but whatever it was, the heat of the day was NOTHING compared to the excitement that was heating up on this breezy, clear, moonlit night!

There was more moaning and groaning and sounds of pleasure & excitement coming from every boat at the regatta than at any regatta I can remember. People were doing in on the dive platforms, there were threesomes in the cockpits, foursomes on the flybridges, moresomes on the sunpads and full blown giant orgies in the salons of the big yachts. This was THEE Party for sure!

You don't want to miss the photos for this month's regatta so be sure to check them out in the photo gallery. And if you took pictures at the regatta, please email them to Barbi at BlondeFlasher@aol.com right away so we can include them in the photo gallery.

Thank you to everyone that helps grow these parties by helping to spread the word with your thoughtful postings. Don't forget to get registered right now for the next regatta and we'll do it all over again baby!!!

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These Photos Were Taken & Submitted by Barbi

These Photos Were Taken & Submitted by JoyBaby2005

These Photos Were Taken & Submitted by OrchidGirl

These Photos Were Taken & Submitted by Captain Richy

These Photos Were Taken & Submitted by Rhyno

These Photos Were Taken & Submitted by RPBcpl

Check Our These Videos From One Of Our Past Regattas!  All three videos are the same.  Choose the quality for your download speed & patience, LOL

1. Dial-Up 2.5 minute small low-resolution video - 910k
2. DSL 2.5 minute larger medium-resolution video - 2.7 megs
3. DSL 2.5 minute large high-resolution video - 6.2 megs